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John Paul II Foundation / Donate 5X1000 to the John Paul II Foundation

Five per thousand (5x1000)

Every day we bring hope to thousands of people around the world!   

We support small farmers in Lebanon and Burkina Faso, help persecuted Christian minorities in Iraq, support hearing-impaired children in Palestine and Jordan, welcome migrants in Italy . Every day we can continue this mission also thanks to your support.

How do you donate?

If you do your tax return: 

Simply indicate to your CAF or accountant your willingness to donate 5×1000 to the John Paul II Foundation. 

On the other hand, if you fill out your tax return yourself, you will find the appropriate CU form tab, model 730 or Individuals model:

If you don't file a tax return: 

Find the appropriate tab on the CU form that your pension institution (Inps, Inpdap etc.) sent you.

What have we done with 5x1000 in recent years?

Restoration of the bathrooms at the Effetà Institute in Bethlehem.


The project involved demolition, waterproofing, painting, carpentry and joinery, electrical and lighting works.

Taking in Ukrainian female refugees in Italy


The project contributed to the relocation from Ukraine to Italy, the reception and integration of five households (women and children) in a facility in Montevarchi (AR)

What happens if you choose to give your 5x1000 to us?


Frequently asked questions

Everyone who pays IRPEF can allocate 5×1000 of their taxes to a specific organization. This choice can be made either within the tax return or by submitting the relevant form included in the Single Certification.

he deadline for delivery of the ordinary 730 form is 09/30/2024 whether it is delivered to one's tax withholding agent, CAF or licensed professional, or delivered directly on the website of the Internal Revenue Service.

The deadline for the submission of the Income PF (formerly UNICO) form is Nov. 30, 2024 (telematic submission of the tax return through Model Income for VAT holders).

The 5×1000 and the 8×1000 are two different portions of the same tax; the 5×1000 can be given to nonprofit organizations like ours, while the 8×1000 can be given to religious denominations. One does not exclude the other, so we suggest you donate the 8×1000 to the Catholic Church and the 5×1000 to the John Paul II Foundation.

No, the 5×1000 does not involve any additional cost to the taxpayer.

In case you do not fill in the box for 5×1000, the share will automatically go to the state.

Write to us at or call 0575 583077

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