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John Paul II Foundation joins national AssisiPaceJustice Network

The John Paul II Foundation, which has been working in the Middle East for over twenty-five years and is recognized by both the State of Israel and the Palestinian National Authority, joins the appeal promoted by the national network AssisiPaceJustice.

On Sunday, February 4, he will be present in the Palazzo Vecchio and invites his friends and supporters to take part. Just as we wholeheartedly participated last October 23 in the silent torchlight proclaimed by Father Bernardo Gianni. A moment shared with many thousands of people of all faiths and different political affiliations but united by asking for peace. United by walking together, side by side, carrying a candle to light the way.

The Foundation joins today, as it has always done in the past, in calling for the realization of the "two peoples in two states" solution, the only way to lasting peace in the Middle East, without further delay or hesitation.

Today in these dark days we are living through, the identification of a certain path, with firm dates and deadlines, for the establishment of the "two peoples in two states" could represent concrete hope for all those who live in the Middle East, and for all those who consider that land the "home" of every man and woman.


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