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Dignity, a national network for hospitality, is born

Arché Foundation together with the John Paul II Foundation of Arezzo and the Padre Nostro Center of Palermo have created the National Dignity Network, a network of collaboration and exchange of methodologies and intervention strategies born as a result of a long work of sharing that started in the year 2017, with the purpose of consolidating this process of integration between services offered by the actors involved.

Dignita was created with the task of becoming a tool through which to define common programming and stimulate the promotion of good practices in the area of welcoming families in fragile situations, in the protection of women and minors, through the generation of common perspectives and co-design practices.

The network's objectives are to strengthen within the territories of reference an innovative and integrated model of reception, which allows a continuous exchange between the actors involved and is proposed as an improvement in the quality of services offered. The establishment of the Dignita national network is therefore aimed at fostering and ensuring a greater and continuous exchange of experiences and best practices, identifying common spaces and moments of sharing between the operators of the different organizations involved.

Dignita aims to be a model capable of stimulating the creation of possibilities and opportunities for the sharing of knowledge and experiences within different territories, aimed at directing, supporting, qualifying and giving unity to welcoming interventions.

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