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ROOTS - Roots of Dignity in Lebanon.


The initiative takes place in an area characterized by favorable environmental conditions but by serious structural and organizational deficiencies in the agricultural economy, which has resulted, especially for small producers, in the inability to complete the production process up to the final product ready for organized markets, large retailers and international importers.

The purpose of the project:

To improve the quality, sustainability, and social inclusion of the production, managerial, and commercial management of small-scale producers, their co-ops, and workers in the fresh fruit agricultural supply chains of the coastal strip and Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, through the upgrading of skills, associated management models, the construction of processing and storage facilities, and access to more profitable markets.


-Redevelopment of the competencies of associated management models.

-Elaboration of a quality control system in the agroecological production process (Quality Management System - QMS).

-Realization of processing and storage facilities.

-Technical assistance, training, experience exchange and awareness on QMS, certification and water supply management

-Contributing access to more profitable markets.

-Analysis of critical issues in existing organizational models, definition of governance systems for the associated management of product processing, preservation and packaging phases.





Project start date:



36 months

Project Status:


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