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Barbarism against man must end

Satnam's death teaches us to change our ways while there is still time

We were astonished and speechless at what happened in the Latina countryside to the young Indian boy Satnam Singh who lost his life due to the cruelty of Italians who did not assist him after the serious accident he suffered while working in the fields. What happened, as it is unfolding, calls for all of us to take a stand and reverse the "course": you cannot let a person die without assisting him, dumping him on the street with his wife, without telephones, with a severe hemorrhage in progress, with his arm put in a fruit box.

Government intervene, regularize with residence permits the people who worked alongside Sarnam so they can testify by telling the full brutality of what happened. Satnam's is not a death at work, it is the denial of the human person, the denial of humanity. And it happened in Italy; it happened not in war but in peacetime; it happened to two young men who had chosen our country to live by work.

But it is not only the government that must do what it is entitled to, it is each of us who must say this time: enough is enough, I am committed because Satnam's death must be a turning point in my life.

For twenty-five years the John Paul II Foundation has been working in the Middle East and Italy for welcome and integration, doing so like many other associations and foundations, demonstrating every day that integration is possible. Every man and woman is a bearer of riches that must be welcomed and valued.

Satnam's wife's words should be a warning to everyone, at least we at the John Paul II Foundation took them as such: enough is enough.


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