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Bread and Wine. Much more than a soup kitchen- Italy

Throughout Italy more and more people and families are in need. In Tuscany alone, where our Foundation's headquarters are located, between 20 and 25 thousand people live in poverty, numbers that unfortunately seem destined to worsen due to the severe economic crisis we are experiencing.

For this reason, together with the Fraternity of the Visitation and the social enterprise Qoelet, we have created the first social canteen in the Valdarno (between Arezzo and Florence), a place to meet and eat together, a space for inclusion and sharing, but with a great little something: not only will you be able to eat, but you will be able to give a meal to those in need.

At our soup kitchen, there is always a place at the table for people in need, but also for neighborhood residents, for the elderly and lonely people who want to eat together, for a group of colleagues on their lunch break, for those who would like to offer their time and passion to help those who need it most. Bread and Wine is above all a place to be together, to get together and socialize, because "man does not live by bread alone," and loneliness can also make one poor. The people who take advantage of the free hot meals are referred by the social services of the municipalities of San Giovanni Valdarno and Montevarchi, with whom we are working on this project, with the goal one day of creating a Bread and Wine network throughout the territory.




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