Empowerment of local producers

Small Farmers

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The Piccirillo Center of Bethlehem

Support for artisans

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Child protection


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What We Do

Areas of focus

Child protection

Wars, malnutrition, trauma, abuse, denied rights: for millions of children around the world, these words represent a reality to escape from, to fight, day after day...

Fighting Poverty

The fight against poverty is a top priority, because while it is necessary to offer immediate help to the neediest people through the distribution of goods of...

Humanitarian Emergencies

Although the pandemic has crippled the whole world, there is only one thing that has gone on undisturbed in some countries: war. Currently hundreds of...

The Foundation in Italy

Since its inception in 2007, the John Paul II Foundation has always believed that our work in the Holy Land and the Middle East should be accompanied by a...

Agricultural Development

The economic and social development of the local communities with which we collaborate is one of the main objectives of our work. For years we have been focusing our development interventions...

Our Story

Sunday, Aug. 24, 1997. Bishop Luciano Giovannetti at the time bishop of the Diocese of Fiesole, leads 600 faithful on his diocese's first pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

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