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Quality, environmentally sustainable and inclusive agribusiness for small producers


The economic and social development of the local communities we work with is one of the main objectives of our action. For years we have focused our development interventions mainly in the agricultural sphere, in conjunction with FAO's strategic priorities to combat hunger, malnutrition andfood insecurity.

For this reason, we started the Small Farmers program, which promotes cooperativism among small farmers, who are almost always excluded from the global system of production and sales, so that they can acquire a more central role within the agri-food chain and thus access new markets, nationally and internationally. Together with them, we work every day to optimize business management and improve product quality through new quality control procedures, the result of exchanges that take place with Italian partners in the sector who have decided to get involved with us and share their own successful experiences.

We are currently operating in rural areas in Palestine, Lebanon e Jordan, where the John Paul II Foundation is involved in supporting small-scale producers of date,aloe vera, cherry andapricot. Thanks to our interventions, the lives of these farmers have changed radically: now they can finally lead a dignified life, they have become real agricultural entrepreneurs, and thanks to their success they have created new job opportunities for local youth.

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