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500 million people around the world do not have sufficient resources to provide a meal for their children.

The fight against poverty is a top priority for the John Paul II Foundation, because while on the one hand it is necessary to offer immediate help to the neediest people through the distribution of basic necessities, on the other hand it is necessary to eradicate the root causes of hunger and poverty through socio-economic development programs aimed at supporting and strengthening local entrepreneurial realities capable of generating income and stable job opportunities.

So for us, the fight against poverty is primarily about food and economic security for the communities we work with, through rural development programs for small-scale producers, especially in the Holy Land and the Middle East, to improve production and make it more economically efficient and more environmentally sustainable.

At the same time, we are convinced that in order to combat poverty, it is necessary to invest in the skills of young people and women: in Palestine we promote vocational training for young artisans and craftswomen engaged in olive wood, mother-of-pearl and ceramic work, and support them in pathways to start work, stimulating and accompanying them in the creation of new entrepreneurial activities.

This for the John Paul II Foundation is true sustainable human development.


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