Since 2007, we have been working alongside people to provide support to people afflicted by war and hunger.

Our projects aim to protect and promote the development of the person and communities across the board, starting with children, the ones who absolutely pay the most for armed conflict and poverty; they are the ones we protect first, to ensure that they have the opportunity to study and access the basic care necessary for their development.

During wars, famines, droughts and mass migrations, we provide basic necessities and psychological support to those most affected, but once the emergency is over, we need to build pathways and opportunities for lasting growth. An example of this strategy is the Small Farmers program, through which we have given the opportunity to small local producers of dates, aloes, apricots and cherries to become full-fledged agricultural entrepreneurs, thereby strengthening their production models, expanding their access to domestic and international markets, in order to provide them with financial stability and create new employment opportunities for the communities in which they live.

Our help is aimed at all people who request it, regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion or political beliefs, We strongly believe that the only way to build a peaceful future is to create opportunities for study, work and growth for everyone, indiscriminately, through models of economic, social and cultural development that respect the values and traditions of the territories and the people who live there, valuing what unites them, while respecting their different identities.

A respect for diversity that unfortunately in some areas of the world is not only not present, but results in real persecution to the detriment of the weakest, toward those in the minority, as happens to Christians in too many weights. Right from the start we took action to protect them, to give them material and spiritual comfort in a war-torn place like Syria, where to ask for our help were not only Christians, but all those who were suffering, to whom we extended our hand.

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