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The John Paul II Foundation, in collaboration with the Tuscany School Office and the La Pira Foundation, promoted the educational project "Want of the Future," focused on solidarity. The proposal was divided into four macro-areas: solidarity in the daily life of youth; the environmental challenge; the interventions of the John Paul II Foundation in the field of solidarity, cooperation and development; and solidarity according to the Constitution and international documents. The aim of the project is to develop solidarity as a source of integration, promoting altruism, friendship and sharing among young people.

Secondary school students belonging to six institutions in the provinces of Florence and Arezzo produced 15 projects on solidarity. The beneficiaries of the project were both students and teachers. Students made in-depth discussions in the classroom, also meeting with operators of the two Foundations, visiting reception centers and through P.C.T.O. paths. Students developed social, organizational, logical, linguistic, technological and entrepreneurial skills.

The teachers, received ten hours of in-person training with experts and leaders of the John Paul II Foundation in October and November 2023. There were 45 teachers and the courses were held both in Florence at the headquarters of the Tuscany school office and in San Giovanni at the " Giovanni da San Giovanni" high schools.




John Paul II Foundation and Giorgio La Pira Foundation



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