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Wars, malnutrition, trauma, abuse, denied rights: for millions of children around the world, these words represent a reality to flee from, to fight, day after day.
Children represent the most vulnerable part of all societies, not only in the Middle East, Africa or Latin America, but also in the West, in Italy, where increasing inequality and the widening gap between rich and poor is affecting even the youngest, denying many the opportunity to study, take proper care and grow up peacefully.

For this reason, our projects in the Holy Land, the Middle East and Italy, all have as their main objective to guarantee and defend the fundamental rights of children, such as that toeducation, upbringing and health, understood as full wellbeing on a physical and psychological level.

From its earliest days, the John Paul II Foundation has always placed child protection at the center of its action, with the intention of protecting those children who in their short lives have known nothing but war and poverty and giving them the opportunity to study, access basic care and have a better future.

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