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A Project for Life in Casentino

Since 2023, the Foundation has been active in the Casentino area to give support to families of people with disabilities in the implementation of the individual life project.

The project aims to create and implement access to qualified services for the implementation of the Individual Life Project of people with disabilities in the territory under the jurisdiction of the Union of Mountain Municipalities of Casentino (UCC).

The PdVI represents an element of guaranteeing rights and quality of life aimed at fully implementing the principle of social inclusion expressed in Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which stipulates that the right to full integration into the community by ensuring equal freedom of choice as well as full involvement in the life of society should be ensured.

General objective: To contribute to the strengthening of paths of social inclusion in the Casentino territory through the promotion of the rights and independent living of people with disabilities.

The main activities under the project are:

- Realization of information meetings for the benefit of social workers (case managers) of the municipalities part of the UCC and related personnel aimed at the formulation of the Individual Life Project.
- Realization of awareness meetings aimed at the community.
- Realization of awareness meetings within schools aimed at students, teachers and families.
- Listening and guidance to families of youth with disabilities through a monthly desk.
- Support for the creation of one's own life project for people with disabilities.

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CR Florence Foundation

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