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First shipment of medicines left for Lebanon

It left late last week the first shipment of humanitarian aid bound for Beirut, Lebanon.

The John Paul II Foundation, together with the Focolare Movement, has collected donations in recent months to purchase and send medicine and powdered milk.

Finalized the agreement with the Ministry of Defense to send the aid via C-130 military aircraft, the first cargo, containing life-saving medicines, arrived at Beirut Airport, awaiting customs clearance.

A second shipment, of infant formula, will leave Italy this week.

The needs in Lebanon are many; the country is on the brink. Sending this first tranche of aid will alleviate the first needs, but it is not enough. We must send new shipments of medicines and powdered milk as soon as possible, so that our action will be a structured aid and not a drop in the ocean.

You can support the purchase of milk powder with a donation, aimed at "Milk Emergency in Lebanon."

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