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The hearing at the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs.

This Thursday, April 29, there will be a hearing of the John Paul II Foundation at the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

The subject of the hearing is "Report on initiatives financed with the resources of the fund intended for interventions to support populations belonging to persecuted Christian minorities in crisis areas."

We are invited to give testimony on the currently ongoing project "Involving! Ensuring inclusive and quality education in Baghdad with focus on human rights and building resilience of persecuted minorities" ( Project AID 012121/02/3) funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

The project, which has just begun in cooperation with Caritas Iraq, will focus on three thematic areas: improving education in St. Joseph School, with a focus on human rights; vocational training for youth; and psychological support for victims of conflict, gender-based violence and domestic violence.

The project is being overseen by our cooperator Pietro Scartezzini.

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