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We respond yes to Father Bernardo Gianni's appeal.

Florence, October 19, 2023

The John Paul II Foundation, which has been working with cooperation and peace projects in many countries in the Middle East for more than twenty-five years, joined Father Bernardo Gianni's appeal. Last night the Franciscan youth, led by Fr. Matteo Brena, called for prayer in the Church of San Salvatore al Monte alle Croci, and many responded.

On Monday it is Father Bernard who asks us to climb the "mountain of peace" again, together in silence to ask for peace.We make Father Bernard's words our own. "I invite you therefore, in these dark hours of anguish, bewilderment and motivated concern for the future not only of that or that other region of our planet, but for the future of the entire human family, to face Monday evening the climb that leads to this mountain: we will not have words to utter, slogans to shout, banners to display: our faces, our looks, our silence, our conscience mindful as much of the pain of the hostages and their relatives as of the river of blood, much of it innocent, spilled in these days of ferocity, and, again, the friendly fire of torches lit as an embankment to the darkness of the night, will be-they alone-our 'ever-renewed message of peace and hope.'"

Christians on Sunday, Oct. 22, will remember St. John Paul II, who in October of 1986 in Assisi in fact summoned all the leaders of religions to pray, fast and walk together for peace. And, on Oct. 22, 1978 just days after his election, he said, "Do not be afraid! Open, indeed, open wide the doors to Christ!"


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