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"For an increasingly habitable earth for all."

It was August 19, 2000, when Pope John Paul II, addressing the thousands of young people present at World Youth Day, uttered a phrase that moved the consciences of all of us: "You will not resign yourselves to a world where other human beings die of hunger, remain illiterate, lack work." With that admonition, the Polish Pope loudly asked all young people and our community not to remain indifferent to the injustices and sufferings of our brothers and sisters near and far, a call that for 13 years we have made our own, to help "make this earth more and more habitable for all."

On the centenary of his birth and on the occasion of the feast day dedicated to him that is celebrated on October 22, we have created a commercial to recall the figure of St. John Paul II, who inspired our work, in the name of promoting dialogue and solidarity. The spot will be broadcast in rotation on RAI networks from October 19 to 25, thanks to RAI's Social Responsibility program, which has made its advertising space available free of charge.

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