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Dear Friends of the Foundation, These days we write on our social media, on our webpage, "a safe place" for the children of Bethlehem. A few words are enough to unite us in a dilated embrace to reach out to that land and place the origin and inspiration of the Founders of the Foundation. "Place-Safe Place-Children-Bethlehem" are the cardinal points that reconfigure the space where it is still possible to experience hope mortally wounded by the terrible consequences of violence, savagery, absence of humanity in men that no century has limited (the Israel-Hamas war). The place: our Bethlehem location. A large garden area in the immediate vicinity of the historic center where the architecture of buildings bordering on beauty in form and color impose themselves and already host -for extracurricular activities- the children of Bethlehemite families. Safe: because it ensures. It has a protective function whereby one feels safe and regains a sense of tranquility, helps to leave behind the...

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