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As the catastrophic death toll and destruction caused by the Hamas attack mounts, it becomes clear how right the Israeli authorities were to speak immediately of "war." There will be a way to understand how the preparations for this war could have escaped the spies and intelligence of the Jewish state and Egypt, as well as U.S. satellites. Knowing the Israelis, inquiries will come and they will look no one in the face. Perhaps not even in that of Itamar Ben Gvir, the ultra-nationalist (understatement) Minister of National Security, who is obsessed with protecting Jewish settlements in the West Bank, his electoral base, perhaps even to the point of gutting the border with Gaza. But what matters to us now is to understand who declared it and why. Hamas, certainly. But Mohammed Deif, the military leader of Hamas, is no new Von Clausewitz. The director who provided the means, suggested the tactics, inspired the...

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