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The public has been bewildered by the rapid changes in national and European policy on the reception of migrants. From the supervised arrivals following the agreements for the European operation Sophia, to the stricter and more rational regime of the Gentiloni government, inspired by Interior Minister Marco Minniti, to the almost total closure of ports by the yellow-green government, by initiatives of Matteo Salvini, to the current situation of uncontrolled arrivals. The trouble is that there is no homogeneous European legislation to regulate the issue of immigration, although, in the past two years, at the urging of Mediterranean countries, Europe has been struggling to create a system of reception and integration that responds to the principles of international law and those of the Treaties. But, so far, with little success, given the opposition of many member states, particularly Germany and its satellites and some Eastern countries. The issue is now on the agenda because of the incessant arrivals of migrants...

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