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On Saturday, June 8, at the Bishop's Seminary in Fiesole, we had the honor of presenting the book "Pilgrim of Peace" by Father Ibrahim Faltas. This book collects the Franciscan's writings published in the John Paul II Foundation's magazine Colloquia Mediterranea, as well as a selection of his emails sent to friends over the years. A Journey between Italy and the Middle East Through the pages of this book, Father Faltas shares accounts of his many trips to Italy and the Middle East, offering profound reflections not only on the foundation's projects, but also on the realities of populations and lands among the most beautiful and troubled in the world. Indeed, these regions constantly face ongoing situations of war and hardship, and Father Faltas' words give voice to these experiences with a tone of hope and faith. A Vision on Historical Complexity The pages of the book offer a view on the historical complexity of the Middle...

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